eBay supreme as online wars turn nasty

Some extracts from an article by Robert Gottliebsen:

The 2011-12 financial year, which starts in two days, will require a complete change of business model for a large number of Australian enterprises.
This week I was
talking with eBay Australia managing director Deborah Sharkey, who declares that the US giant is now set to be the biggest online shopping mall in Australia.Read more --->

Apple’s great Australian bite

Apple’s dominance of the mobile phone and tablet market has officially taken hold in Australia, with two new surveys highlighting just how tough it’s been for any organisation operating in the shadow of the tech giant.

Apple has taken out the top position in mobile phone brands in Australia, capturing nearly a third of the market, and knocking off Nokia, according to analyst firm IDC.… Read more --->

Apple’s Jobs shows off ‘spaceship’ headquarters plan

Apple plans to build a circular “spaceship” building in hometown Cupertino that will hold 12,000 employees – and be the best office building in the world, chief executive Steve Jobs said.

The ailing chief of Apple, formally on leave from the company, made his second public appearance in two days late on Tuesday in the US to show off plans to the Cupertino city council.… Read more --->

The day my hard drive crashed

Create a back-up system with inbuilt redundancy you can swear by, writes Katie Cincotta.

I never realised just how many expletives I had locked away in my “cuss” cupboard until I lost my hard drive. In my 18 years as a journalist, somehow I’d managed to avoid the menace of random computer termination.… Read more --->