McAfee Internet Security 2014 copy

Poor detection results and glacial performance make this suite one to avoid.

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The $299 Chinese smartphone that could change everything


It has taken the smartphone world completely by surprise: a “flagship killer” packed with high-end specs, all for an asking price that dramatically undercuts the high-end Android competition.

At $USD299, the OnePlus One smartphone costs less than half the price of Android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 ($929) and HTC One M8 ($899) — and from the processor to the display, it is a no compromise smartphone that blows the price-to-performance ratio wide open,  in keeping with the company’s message of “the best and latest technology for everyone”.… Read more --->

Google launches standalone Google Docs and Google Sheets app for Android

Google has released standalone apps for viewing and editing text documents and spreadsheets through its Google Drive service.

The key difference marking out these standalone versions from the more comprehensive Google Drive app is support for offline editing of files.

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Internet Explorer Tab for Chrome


Use Internet Explorer to display IE-only web pages in a Chrome tab

There’s a lot to like about Google Chrome: a clean and simple design, convenient tab management, and of course its blistering speed. But if you visit a page that can only be displayed with Internet Explorer then none of this will be of any use at all, and you’ll be forced to fire up a copy of IE to view the site properly.

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