We’re all hanging up the landline

THE number of people ditching fixed-line telephone services in favour of mobiles is larger than previously thought; just two-thirds of young Australians connect landlines when they move out of home. About 14 per cent of mobile-phone users no longer have a fixed-line telephone at home, says a survey of 18,000 people by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.… Read more --->

Google to turn your mobile into a ‘tap and pay’ virtual wallet

A new Google mobile phone imbedded with a chip that makes it a virtual wallet so people can “tap and pay” is poised to make its debut, the internet giant’s chief said. The successor to the internet firm’s Nexus One smartphone runs on fresh “Gingerbread” software and is imbedded with a near-field communication chip for financial transactions, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt said…

…”You will be able to take these mobile devices that will be able to do commerce,” he continued.… Read more --->

Android now second biggest smartphone platform: Gartner

Google’s Android mobile operating system surged past Apple’s iPhone and Canada’s Blackberry in the third quarter to become the second biggest smartphone platform after Nokia’s Symbian, research firm Gartner said Wednesday.

Gartner said Finland’s Nokia sold 29.5 million smartphones during the third quarter of the year for a 36.6 per cent share of the worldwide market, down from 44.6 per cent a year ago.… Read more --->