There are two new courses starting shortly at the Old Fire Shed:

Tech Savvy Seniors, delivered by the Central Coast Community
College starting Tuesday 21 February, more details here

Digital connect classes in partnership with with Central Coast Digital
Connect starting Thursday 23 February, more details here

The Mangrove Mountain Seniors Computer Club was formed under the auspices of the Community Technology Centre at Mangrove Mountain Incorporated t/as CTC@MangroveMountain on 25th November 2004.

At the 2007 Annual General Meeting, a motion to change the name of the Club to Mangrove Mountain Computer Club was approved, recognising our aim to serve the wider community, not only Seniors.

The aim of the Club is to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which members of the local community who are interested can learn about computers and what they can do for them at their own pace.


The Old Fire Shed

Meetings and classes are held in the Old Fire Shed at Mangrove Mountain, which has been completely refurbished and fitted out internally.

The once-off Joining Fee for new members is $10 and the annual subscription is $10 for the full July to June financial year, reduced to $5 for January-June.
The fee per class session is $6.

To pay by EFT:
Greater Building Society Ltd РBSB : 637000 Account no. : 712593482

If you are interested in joining the Club, please contact the Secretary, Sue Grist on
0408 895 330 or email