The Club has been a Member and active supporter of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association since 2007. Members have attended the ASCCA Annual Conferences and entered in the various annual competitions organised by ASCCA with some success in web design, photography , creative writing and videos.

I fish therefore I lie!This unusual treatment of an image was entered by Deirdre Mason in the Creative Photography section in 2014.   



Mangrove Mountain & Districts Country Fair

The CTC and the Club have always ben strong supporters of the local Country Fair. For some years the Club assisted the Fair with the design and hosting of a website until it became self-sufficient. In most years the Club was open to provide support and display work done by members.

Display at Country Fair

Australian Weeds and Livestock

In 2008 the Club assisted Helen Simmonds with a website to publish and host the results of her research into toxic weeds and their effects on animals, updating the book that was published in 2000. This website is still used as an important reference, especially by vets.

Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club

The Club assisted the Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club with the installation and operation of its first electronic golf handicapping system. The club also assisted with the design and operation of its first website in 2008 and continues to provide support for a new website when required.

In addition the Club has assisted:

Central Coast Plateau Chamber of Commerce
Mangrove Mountain Union Church
Central Coast Dressage Association