Windows 8 sales flounder as critics pan clumsy interface

Windows 8 sales in Australia and overseas are below expectations, with one US expert describing its user interface as “a monster that terrorises poor office workers and strangles their productivity”.

In Australia, IDC market analyst Amy Cheah, who has spoken to local retailers, vendors and channel partners as part of her work compiling sales numbers, said Windows 8 take-up was “not as strong as Microsoft would like it to be”.… Read more --->

A mind’s eye in front of your nose

The next computing battleground could be on your head, with an Australian company taking on giants like Google and Microsoft with wearable computers in the form of glasses that appear to be straight out of a   sci-fi flick. After conditioning us to walk around absorbed in our mobile screens, the technologists now want to place digital information directly in front of our eyes before we necessarily know we need it.… Read more --->