Another alternative to NBN?

This unlimited-data SIM deal could probably replace your NBN plan

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Cheap data and fast 5G a win for consumers

Cheap data and fast 5G a win for consumers, but a huge worry for NBN

Cheaper data and the roll-out of 5G technology could make mobile phone plans a viable competitor to the NBN.

Mobile prices fell 17 percent in 2019-20 thanks to a drop in the cost of entry level plans and significant growth in data allowances, according to the ACCC’s annual Communications Market Report.… Read more --->

Gomo Mobile Plans

Gomo is a new service launched by Optus in 2020 that has entered the market with just one mobile plan to its name: a prepaid 18GB for $25.


  • Buy 3 months in a row with Gomo and get the next 3 recharges free
  • Data rollover up to 200GB
  • Unlimited standard calls to 15 countries

Check out Gomo’s mobile plan below

Gomo’s mobile plan is simple: 18GB with a 30-day expiry period, on a no-contract basis.… Read more --->