Google Dorking

What Is Google Dorking And How To Use It

Google has become synonymous with searching the web. Many of us use it on a daily basis but most regular users have no idea just how powerful its capabilities are. And you really, really should.… Read more --->

NBN approaches 1Gbps using mmWave 5G

NBN approaches 1Gbps using mmWave 5G over distances of 7 kilometres

Government-owned national broadband wholesaler testing 5G for its fixed wireless footprint.

The company responsible for the National Broadband Network (NBN) has laid claim to a world record for long-range millimetre wave transmission, saying it hit “close to 1Gbps” across a distance of 7.3 kilometres.… Read more --->

Telstra steals NBN’s lunch

Telstra steals NBN’s lunch

The first auction of 5G spectrum will be undertaken in March, with each bidder to be given the opportunity to buy up to one gigahertz of spectrum. Telstra head of networks Nikos Katinakis says that one of the telco’s first uses for the spectrum it intends to purchase will be for 5G fixed wireless products that will aim to compete with the NBN.… Read more --->