Google and Smartphones

In his keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt said the company had shifted its focus from desktops to mobiles. Schmidt predicted that in three years, if not sooner, smartphones would pass global PC sales – “a remarkable achievement”.… Read more --->


If there are thunderstorms around, your electronic equipment can be at risk. Make sure you turn off and unplug everything, including your phone/modem connection. This is what happens if you don’t, and the damage may not end there:

A fried filter.

If you are a subscriber to MACS, you reduce the risk further as you most likely will get a warning in plenty of time to take action.… Read more --->

Telstra separation announced next Thursday?

The eerie quiet that has descended over the once very public stoush between the Federal Government and Telstra (ASX:TLS) could be the clearest indication yet that a deal on the separation of the telco is close at hand.

Speaking to Computerworld, telecommunications industry analyst Paul Budde said an announcement on a deal for Telstra’s separation could come as early as Thursday next week when the company is due to hold its half yearly results shareholder meeting.… Read more --->

iiNet slays Hollywood in landmark piracy case

The giants of the film industry have lost their case against ISP iiNet in a landmark judgment handed down in the Federal Court today.

The decision had the potential to impact internet users and the internet industry profoundly as it sets a legal precedent surrounding how much ISPs are required to do to prevent customers from downloading movies and other content illegally.… Read more --->