XP still in use on one in four PCs


Despite going end-of-life back in April, new figures reveal that Windows XP is still being used a quarter of PC users..

As widely reported at the time, 8 April marked the official end of Microsoft offering security updates for the veteran desktop operating system, despite an estimated 27.7 percent  of PCs still using the platform in March (falling to 25.3 percent in May).

One of the most revealing take-outs from NetApplication’s real-time data is that only 12.5 percent of users have installed Windows 8.x, as compared to 50 percent of users having installed Windows 7.x as at the end of May this year.

Peter Wood, CEO of pen-testing specialist First Base Technology, said that Microsoft needs to take a leaf from Apple’s book when it comes to upgrading operating systems, noting that OS-X Mavericks – released last October – has been offered free of charge to all users.

“Maybe it’s about time that Microsoft stepped up to the plate and offered some pro bono real support for users migrating away from Windows XP,” he said, adding that there is still an increasing reluctance amongst users – especially small businesses – to upgrade.

“Microsoft is well placed to continue support for Windows XP,” he said, noting that commercial users are continuing to receive critical security updates at a reported rate of around $200 per machine.

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