Topfield releases premium-level 1TB PVR with optional WiFi

Topfield has expanded its AV range with another flagship personal video recorder, the TRF-7170. Meanwhile, Kogan Technologies has announced a cut-priced PVR of its own.

Home entertainment manufacturer Topfield has announced a new flagship PVR – the TRF-7170. The new model is much the same as its TRF-7160 stable mate, though with two notable exceptions: it comes with wireless local area network connectivity and has doubled the onboard storage for a total of 1TB. This is enough to store hundreds of hours of free to air television.

The Topfield TRF-7170.

“Thanks to the TRF-7170’s huge storage capacity combined with its ability to record up to four programs at once, weekday nights in Australian households need no longer result in quarrels over whether to watch Masterchef or Man Vs Wild whilst recording hours of Tour de France highlights,” said Joseph Tsen, TOPFIELD’s National Sales & Marketing manager.

Like its 500GB sibling, the Topfield TRF-7170 comes with two DVB-T HD digital TV tuners and is capable of recording four programs at once. Other highlights include offline intelligent recording (IR), simultaneous playback while recording, Divx HD playback support and a pair of USB ports in place of the TRF-7160’s one. As mentioned, it also comes with WiFi functionality, although this requires the purchase of a Topfield Wireless Dongle.

The Topfield TRF-7170 is available now and has an RRP of  $599.00. Visit Topfield’s web site for more information.

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