China has just blocked Google, Conroy to follow suit?

A news report in Forbes says that China has blocked Google with its great firewall, now the world waits to see if Australia’s Minister for Censorship, Senator Stephen Conroy, will do the same following his outrageous attacks on Google.

Australia’s glorious Minister for Broaband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, has been in the news for months over his nefarious plans to censor the Internet in Australia under the guise of protecting users from content normally refused classification in other mediums.

As noted in my previous article on the subject, “Captain Conroy, Internet Enforcer, slams Google”, the erstwhile and presumably otherwise well-meaning but still meddling Senator has slammed Google in a yesterday’s ABC radio debate on Internet filtering in Australia.

The Minister tried to paint Google as a company that has had its own issues with privacy and not doing evil, which are certainly valid points, and even iTWire’s own James Riley has written an article on Google being “the world’s biggest filter”, but Google’s stance on Internet censorship is plain: it says no.

Read the full article here.

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