Windows 7 ‘Family Pack’

Back to business after the Christmas break!

Just as the Family Pack had been withdrawn in the US, due to being ‘sold out’, Microsoft announced it will be offering discount deals on Windows 7 Home Premium packs in Australia for families (up to 3 licences) for under $250.

The Microsoft Family Pack entitles families to three licences of Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade. Customers will have a choice between 32-bit or 64-bit versions for $249 – a considerable saving when you take into account that a single user licence for a 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade form Vista costs $199.

There are more details on the Windows 7 Blog and the Windows 7 price options are shown here. No mention of the Family Pack but it is available through the usual retail outlets.

If you want to check if your existing computer will run Windows 7, you can download a program to check it here.

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