Don’t connect your charging cell to a computer or you may get hacked!

Don't connect your charging cell to a computer or you may get hacked!

Connecting your mobile device to a computer using a USB cable could make you vulnerable to hackers.

Experts at Kaspersky Lab tested a variety of smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems to comprehend what data is transferred when connected to a Mac or PC and discovered that a whole slew of data transfers to the computer while the two devices are connected.
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Emsisoft launches ransomware decrypter page

Emsisoft launches ransomware decrypter page

If your files have been scrambled by malware then a decrypter may be able to save the day– but you’ll need to find it, first.

Emsisoft has announced its own ransomware decrypter, a single source where you’re able to browse and download any of the company’s 14 free decrypters.

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IceTV Skippa ad-skipping video recorder

Free-to-air television is much less painful to watch when your Personal Video Recorder automatically skips the ad breaks.

Advertisements are a necessary evil of the free-to-air broadcasting model, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit through every ad break.… Read more --->

Scanned in five seconds: me, the model citizen

Is this vanity central? An extension of selfie culture? Or the start of a hugely profitable fashion?

Whatever the case, the digital age is delivering humans with a clever way of replicating themselves as stone-like images, or as 3D printer firm Keech3D calls them, Mini-Mes, citing the vertically-challenged assistant of Dr Evil in the Austin Powers movies.… Read more --->

Google’s just given the world unlimited photo storage

Google Photos

Google I/O:It’s free. It’s infinite. And it’s available today.

Like photos? Then Google’s your new best friend.

The tech giant is giving everyone in the planet (or rather everyone with a Google account, which is close to the same thing) unlimited storage for all of their photos and videos for free, for ever and ever, via its new Google Photos app.

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