Structural Separation – commonsense has prevailed.

What an enormous achievement for all the parties involved – but in particular for Telstra – in getting an in-principle agreement on the regulatory reforms that are needed to move the whole NBN process ahead.

As was foreshadowed by BuddeComm, soon after David Thodey was appointed as Telstra’s new CEO the company began to show a genuine interest in exploring the new opportunities that telecommunications has to offer beyond telephone lines.

David Thodey enthusiastically supported the long-term views behind the NBN and saw the potential that existed there for Telstra. It is obvious to anyone involved in the industry that little long-term future exists for revenues that are generated from telephone calls, and the Internet and broadband developments are clearly indicating to us the new direction of this market.

Under the previous CEO Telstra tried to stop the tide (Googe Schmoogle) but that battle was lost from the very start.

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