Emsisoft launches ransomware decrypter page

Emsisoft launches ransomware decrypter page

If your files have been scrambled by malware then a decrypter may be able to save the day– but you’ll need to find it, first.

Emsisoft has announced its own ransomware decrypter, a single source where you’re able to browse and download any of the company’s 14 free decrypters.

The page provides clues to help you find out exactly which type of ransomware might have infected your PC.

In some cases, there are links to more detailed analysis of the threat, and exactly what it does to your system.

If you’re really only interested in getting your files back, the decrypters may be downloaded with a click, and they’re all entirely free to use.

If you can’t identify your particular infection, the ID Ransomware site now detects 79 variants. It can’t decrypt them, but may be able to point you in the right direction.

But as usual, the best approach is to avoid being infected in the first place. Make sure you’re running a good antivirus engine, and consider supplementing it with specialist antiransomware tools like Bitdefender’s BDAntiRansomware, Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware and WinAntiRansom.

This article originally appeared at softwarecrew.co.uk

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