Emsisoft launches ransomware decrypter page

Emsisoft launches ransomware decrypter page

If your files have been scrambled by malware then a decrypter may be able to save the day– but you’ll need to find it, first.

Emsisoft has announced its own ransomware decrypter, a single source where you’re able to browse and download any of the company’s 14 free decrypters.

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IceTV Skippa ad-skipping video recorder

Free-to-air television is much less painful to watch when your Personal Video Recorder automatically skips the ad breaks.

Advertisements are a necessary evil of the free-to-air broadcasting model, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit through every ad break.… Read more --->

Scanned in five seconds: me, the model citizen

Is this vanity central? An extension of selfie culture? Or the start of a hugely profitable fashion?

Whatever the case, the digital age is delivering humans with a clever way of replicating themselves as stone-like images, or as 3D printer firm Keech3D calls them, Mini-Mes, citing the vertically-challenged assistant of Dr Evil in the Austin Powers movies.… Read more --->

Google’s just given the world unlimited photo storage

Google Photos

Google I/O:It’s free. It’s infinite. And it’s available today.

Like photos? Then Google’s your new best friend.

The tech giant is giving everyone in the planet (or rather everyone with a Google account, which is close to the same thing) unlimited storage for all of their photos and videos for free, for ever and ever, via its new Google Photos app.

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Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview out now

Office 16 - Excel


Microsoft has announced the release of Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview for Windows 7 and later.

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Kodak IM5 smartphone is aimed at seniors who like to take pictures

Kodak and Bullitt Group has unveiled the new smartphone we first heard about in December. The Kodak IM5 is built by Bullit, but sold under the Kodak brand name and as you might expect, there’s an emphasis on photography.

What you might not expect is the emphasis on software designed for older users who may be somewhat tech-savvy, but also wouldn’t say no to larger icons and graphics and easy access to support (from friends or family members).… Read more --->